A Village in Worst Situation

Bulakhi Chawor (or, Nostril Garden) is a village that was found in 2015 by a grassroots level NGO in Nepal where there were 23 households. Now, since earthquake highly affected, their house where families were living together as joint family is separated busy in making earthquake protected house together. They learned to do it and it has been a practice that villagers work together. But, it is observed that to complete they lack fund, most of the houses are in an incomplete stage. The fund provided by the Government was not enough that locals took loan like Tilak who as an elder brother managed his and his brother’s family during the earthquake who was away as migrated worker abroad in middle east countries, after their house fall down, he searched for help and received required materials to manage temporary house for himself and his entire village. And, now when the road collapsed of heavy rauinfall, he is searching for support. As Console Mission’s Executive visits Bulakhi Chawor on September 27, 2019 (i.e. yesterday), to find a place to manage “Educational Coaching Class” for the children who are suffering not getting support from their parents who are illiterate and not capable to guide children to do their homework and prepare for test, Tilak told that after his room is complete it could be used for Children’s Educational Coaching.

At Nostril Garden, half population of the households lives down part and other half at top. When, Study Center was started, it was in School located down. But, the collapse of road is risky for children from top to reach. Tilak house is located at top. He allowed his daughter in law to teach children at School but now when it is stopped because of the road situation, Tilak shared even his house is incomplete, class can run. It looks floor is fine for children to sit and wall to stick white board, but as winter is arriving and at top of the hill it is cold 12 months, children needs warm. Therefore, if this grassroots level NGO could help to manage window, door and what is necessary, children will get a place free of charge.

Walking path is dangerously affecting lives that children are at risk that there parents stopped sending for educational coaching

Tilak Bahadur Jimba, a man who helped to take Relief Package in his village Bulakhi Chawor (or Nostril Garden) where vehicle cannot reach, only through narrow footpath. Supplies are carried on their back. Picture taken on: September 27, 2019.
Log of wood used for cooking purpose
Walking path widen after earthquake broken apart, water flowing making deep whole
In between these houses, big hole is made water flown deeply. It was a planned road for vehicle
Tilak, a Village Representative with the Executive of Console Mission and his cousin brothers
Cracks are seen in the path that connects Bulakhi Chawor to other village
Water tank where water is collected from the source of water is covered by landslides that the villagers are suffering of the lack of water.
The walking path that is at high risk and only the way to reach the village
Children of Nostril Garden
It is a video (right click and select appropriate option to see this video) taken during a visit to a village community affected by monsoon rainfall. You will see big crack/holes made by rain. It was a wide walking path.

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The true stories helps to identify the situations of the people's living standards, development of the communities and helps to take proper action.

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